JACK - - - - - -Lead Guitar / Vocals

Jack was born in Leeds, England in the last century and came to Canada when his family moved to Vancouver Island when he was five. Always keenly fascinated with music he had attempted picking out tunes on the family piano which was unfortunately left behind in England. Harmonica and toy guitars had to do as he grew up in that great centre of culture and learning, Nanaimo (birthplace of the famous bar, bathtub race and Diana Krall), until at twelve he was given his first accordian and took lessons for a few years.

The appeal of the many guitars he saw in the teaching studio finally won him over and he eventially was able to buy one for himself, and spent hours each day learning to play. After establishing his first rock band, "The Ramblers" with some mild success including three TV appearances he had to abandon it when his family moved to Abbotsford. Here he wasted no time getting to know local muicians and soon formed the group "Little Anglo and the Saxons" in keeping with the popular British Invasion, enjoying success playing in the central valley area highschools and dance halls. It was while playing with this band he bought his prized '62 Strat which he still plays today.

As members moved away, it was again time to form a new band, this time with Ramblers drummer from Nanaimo, who was now living in North Vancouver and 'Saxons' bass player who teamed up with a trio of brass players from North Vancouver and a singer from Jamaica (that's even farther away than Vancouver Island), forming the eight piece 'Blues Crusade', playing R&B and Soul music in Clubs and dance halls around Vancouver.

After a few years this group also split up and reformed with musicians from Abbotsford for a short time until marriage started to call for lifestyle changes. Concentrating on his organ business, but keeping music in his life, he started playing the pipe organ and directing choir in his church, working with music by great composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, to name just a few, which became his musical outlet for the next thirty years, until FLASHBACK came along.


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