GUY ---------- Rhythm Guitar / Vocals

Guy was born in Vancouver BC but when he was three years of age his family moved to the Abbotsford area where he remains to this date. Showing an interest of music at the early age of 6 years, Guy's parents paid for accordian lessons at Guidone's Music. Here he recieved a basic understanding of music which was a great help when he got his first guitar on his tenth birthday. As money was scarce in the early 60's, Guy sat down to teach himself how to play. With the basic understanding of music, a learn to play the guitar manual, a chord chart and influences from TV and radio along with many hours of practice Guy learned to play well enough to entertain friends and relatives and found much enjoyment in sharing his talent through entertaining. Guy took band through high school where he took up playing the percussion instruments used in the orchestra. In grade ten he joined the Abbotsford Concert Band and in 1970, travelled with the Abbotsford Concert Band to Alberta where he experienced his first TV appearance. After graduation Guy joined the Abbotsford Concert Dance Band and got his first taste of playing in Night Clubs. From there he went on to play in many local dance bands from Country to Rock to Big Band. Through these experiences Guy developed a well rounded appreciation for a variety of music.

In May 2000 Guy's musical career was in jeopardy when he fell off a ladder breaking both wrists. His doctors were doubtful he would be able to play the guitar again. Guy insisted in using the guitar as part of his therapy routine, starting with scales and later streching out to play simple chords, slowly regained enough mobility in his wrist and hands to play an entire song. One evening in the fall of 2001 Gabrielle invited many friendly musicians to a musical night at her house. Out of the many who attended that night, Gabrielle,Guy and Jack seemed to share an interest in Old Time Rock and Roll. They also discovered their voices blended together and harmonized very well. Hence Flashback was Born!


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